Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Writing - How much detail?

It is Tuesday afternoon on a slightly warm and hazy day with the sun tantalisingly close to breaking through and warming us all up. 


In this blog I'm looking at the amount of detail that is necessary when writing a story.

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It is easier with painting, drawing and sculpture but when writing a story you have more choice and decisions to make. I think it is an area in which I'm not the strongest but I am trying! (Some would say very trying!)

It is a question of pace. When writing the Steele novels I have erred on the side of keeping the pace up but sometimes that is at the expense of the depth of the characters and the convolutions in the plot. It is undoubtedly true that writing, as with other arts, is a learning experience in itself and I have been learning from the writer Peter May. The books I've read thus far are set in the Scottish islands and the descriptions are excellent. In my most recent project I am taking my time and spending it enriching the text that is being produced. (Well that is the aim.)

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For the Best

For the Best is a journey into the convoluted world of surveillance, entrapment and intrigue. There will be less fighting and chasing and more trickery which demands more description.

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Rather like Mr Spock taking the time to describe from every angle is rather like luxuriating in the words you can use. So it is with new found pleasure that I am creating this book.

God Bless