Thursday, 23 March 2017

Writing - Searching for truth

It would be remiss of me to let the day go by without mentioning the terror attack in London yesterday. On a purely personal level I find the most upsetting part to be the thought of the families left behind. We have a policeman's wife and his children and the children of a Spanish teacher. What must the pain be like in those households?

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As an Englishman from the far north I haven't visited the capital that frequently but I have my favourite parts of the city. Last July I spent five days down there and walked all round the area of the Houses of Parliament. There but for the grace of God.

Of course, it is not the first attack on our soil and, sadly, unlikely to be the last. In the future, when the years have cloaked the pain and consigned the events to history, someone will examine these events and create 'answers'!

In truth, stories based upon true events are no more than a search for answers and reasons. Even those occurrences, such as the dambusters raid of WWII, when all of the facts are known are simply searching for the humanness in the event. When you take a snapshot in time surrounding a specific event that occurrence can be viewed in many different ways.

Let's take the analogy of the Dambusters a little further.

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Practising dropping the bouncing bomb

The powers that were had decided that the 3 dams in the Ruhr that supplied the German arms factories with water, should be blown up so that their ability to manufacture arms for the war effort was lost.

The scientists, politicians and generals would have one viewpoint of  the action.

Then there were the pilots trained to fly low at night to achieve their target. These were young men chosen for a very dangerous task and as the photo shows practised dropping the bouncing bombs. They would be aware of the hazardous circumstances into which they were flying.

The pilots would have a another viewpoint.
Then there were the German soldiers who would encounter the low flying aircraft and manning the gun positions set to protect the dams from attack.

The Germans would have their opinion.

The above three positions would probably produce three very different stories of the same event which we all can find the surrounding facts. The same can be said of the modern day terror events that have been inflicted upon the world.

My novels, Flight into Secrecy and 7 Hours After, are written from the conspiracy theorist standpoint because even today not all the facts are known. It allows theories to develop.

Flight into Secrecy

7 Hours After

God Bless