Thursday, 9 March 2017

Writing - Conspiracy theories

Continuing the theme of authors as social commentators I offer you my last completed novel, 7 Hours After. It is in print as a result of the various reports on events of that fateful day and the speculation in the media since. Included at the end of the novel are appendices containing evidence published in the US about the horrific day in 2001.
More specifically this story focuses on Building 7 which seems to have been demolished seven hours after the planes hit the twin towers of the World Trade Centre.
In all honesty this type of writing can be emotive as it creates an opening for the conspiracy theorists and their evidence.

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7 Hours After may well be described as historical even now. If  it is available in the future it will be more so and that is because it is my take on a real event.


Patrick Steele is off crusading once again with his sidekick, fiancée Naomi Kobayashi. This time he is risking life and limb by returning to the hostile shores of the USA. He has had brushes with the authorities in that vast country on previous occasions, but now has been stimulated to return because of apparent dodgy dealings over the World Trade Centre disaster of September 11th 2001.
After discovering numerous ‘theories’ concerning 9/11 and who was behind it, Steele identifies possible links between large corporations with financial interests and political parties. In a presidential election year he is concerned that those vying for that prodigious post may have links with the disaster.
Has Steele discovered underhand dealing by the US security services?
Did one of the major political parties have a hand in the destruction of 9/11?
Will Steele be caught by the CIA or can he escape back to the safety of the UK?
What was Building 7?

The book is available in paperback and for electronic devices.

God Bless