Friday, 31 March 2017

Writing - Steele travels

Where to set your story is as difficult or as simple as you wish to make it. Steele has travelled from Japan to Egypt to the USA with a variety of stops in between. Most of the places he has been to, I have been lucky enough to visit. 
One of the benefits of having been to a place is the acquisition of the 'atmosphere of that place. Let me elucidate further.

If you visit Lake Louise in Canada you cannot fail to be struck by the colour, calmness and beauty. Walking alongside the water there is a quiet beauty that photographs do not capture. You can find plenty of photos on the internet but they don't give you the smell of the pines or the stillness of the air and the water.

Lake Louise, Canada

On a visit to Krakow, Poland I made an excursion to Auschwitz and Birkenau.


The photograph above is not a stock image from the internet, I took it personally. Once again walking in the places where millions of people were murdered and then seeing the barrels of gold teeth, mountains of human hair and piles of shoes alters your soul. Photographs alone cannot convey the emotions that such places generate through their history.

I could continue but the fact is that 'hands on' research is always going to be better than internet research. At the beginning of Inceptus I describe the soft Irish rain which you have to experience to fully appreciate the accuracy of that phrase.


In this the 5th Steele novel Patrick tackles the person who has been surreptitiously dogging his footsteps over a number of his adventures. This is not without risk and the focus of his love, Naomi Kobayashi, disappears which seriously affects his ability to function as well as he can. We also find out more about the man himself.
The adventure takes him to Eire, France, the USA before he returns to resolve the issue in the UK.
Will Patrick finally rid himself of a deadly enemy?
Can our hero rescue his love or is it already too late?
Another Patrick Steele adventure filled with tension and action as well as the support provided by the team he has developed over the years. 

God Bless