Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Poetry Thursday 258 - Competitions and church

I was inspired to write a piece this morning based upon an Ogden Nash poem which kicked in a psychological smile. Well the weather was good!

I went to church

I decided to go to church today, 
I hoped the Lord understood my dilemma. 
The sun was shining, presaging good weather, 
The birds singing in the trees,
the buzzing of recently awakened bees. 
He knows how long my stay on earth, 
how fleeting this spell of summer weather, 
He knows when I am said and done 
we'll likely have plenty of time together.
©David L Atkinson April 2017

Then I received an email advertising poetry competitions.

Image result for poetry competitions


Writing another set of verses
for others to judge and meaning to unravel,
but really the purpose is to stretch the mind,
not to satisfy the critic-kind,
who have their own set of criteria
and no way into my personal hysteria.

How can they judge if they are not me,
when I write of summer or sounds or sea,
when the muse takes its twists and turns,
according to my own moods and yearns?
When peaceful times illicit memories
of those of the past of broken families.

Are others really the best to judge,
when sometimes if I explain I fudge,
the pictures and people that I try to describe,
with the personal distortions already ascribed,
from my subconsciously laboured state of mind,
as with pen I write during the daily grind.

Please read my lines with open heart,
and if some trigger your brain in part,
then privately store the literary experience,
for times when it is a useful reference,
and journey back once more,
my scribing’s to explore.
©David L Atkinson April 2017

God Bless