Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Poetry Thursday 259 - Delights

As Easter is approaching I thought a light-hearted look at a couple of substances that may come in for some stick this holiday weekend.

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Two shades of brown and one of white,
the source of Christmas and Easter delight,
melting smooth when the weather is warm,
guaranteed to encourage children to swarm.

Any shape on Earth can be created,
from shoes, rabbits or eggs you state it,
there is universal acceptance of the taste,
and is never known to go to waste.

There are stories and even films made,
of this foodstuff from the dairy maid,
its goodness is not just superficial,
but deep within and that’s official.

So don’t think imbibing is detrimental,
there is no danger except perhaps dental,
buy your eggs before it’s too late,
Jesus must have thought up chocolate.
©David L Atkinson April 2017

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Just anticipating the first droplet makes the quality of life seem better.
The cool, velvety smoothness makes plain water just seem wetter.
As the brown flavours dance across your expectant taste buds the mind is transported.
The tranquil sojourn sweeps the arid cells of your body unescorted.
Level falls in your glass.

Interaction is lubricated by its’ luminous glory.
Patience and calmness exudes in the assembled company.
The body topped by an intelligent, creamy head
that knows to cling on until the body’s almost dead.
Level falls in your glass.
Unfettered bonhomie encourages a repeated impletion.
The company argues gently to own blessed restoration.
The process begins again with anticipation no less keen,
as the servitor refills liquid heaven into receptacles pristine.
Levels replenished.
©David L Atkinson June 2014

Enjoy the holiday.

God Bless