Saturday, 8 April 2017

Writing - 10 current affairs items

There is an other worldly feel about this week s selection and also more than a nod to the past.

Image result for memory

1. Everything you know about your memory might be wrong

It changes weekly!


Image result for medieval fear of zombies

2. Medieval villagers chopped up the dead to stop them coming back as zombies

Before the time of Boris Karloff


Image result for nobel prize

3. Bob Dylan has finally accepted his Nobel Prize

Old news!


Image result for Putin as a gay clown

4. It's illegal in Russia to share an image of Vladimir Putin as a "potentially gay clown"

Can't blame him.


Image result for when Britain was joined to europe

5. Brexit actually happened 450,000 years ago (geologically speaking)

It was right half a million years ago and it is still right.

Image result for Mars atmosphere

6. Most of Mars' air was "lost to space"

Careless - hope it doesn't happen here!

Image result for harrison ford

7. Harrison Ford will keep his pilot's licence despite being a "schmuck"


Image result for night owl

8. If you are a night owl, it might be down to a genetic mutation

Might be down to coffee!


Image result for folk band

9. Tony Blackburn "was once in a folk band"

And your point is?

Image result for GJ 1132b

10. An atmosphere has been found around an Earth-like planet called GJ 1132b

It will just take a millennium to get there.


God Bless