Saturday, 22 April 2017

Writing - 10 news items from last week

This week is principally concerned with people.

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1. Serena Williams won a grand slam when she was 10 weeks pregnant.

Not unusual in sportswomen but the norm in ordinary folk!


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2. An Austrian town has had a resident hermit since 1664.

He will be over four hundred years old then.

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3. Netflix subscribers have spent more than half a billion hours watching Adam Sandler films.

Money well spent

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4. Creative people physically see and process the world differently.

Thank goodness

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5. "Dalek", "TARDIS" and "cybermen" are all in the Oxford English Dictionary.


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6. There are 20,000 objects larger than 10cm flying around Earth, which are big enough to cause "catastrophic damage".

Just as well astronauts don't run garbage collection

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7. Cycling to work could "halve your cancer risk".

Walking to work has similar positive effects - common denominator 'work' - resign today for a healthier life.

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8. Prince used to travel under the name Peter Bravestrong.


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9. Scientists have found live specimens of the rare giant shipworm for the first time.

Earth shattering news

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10. You can take a course studying Dolly Parton at the University of Tennessee

Superficially dumbing down

God Bless