Thursday, 13 April 2017

Writing - Libraries still needed

My eye was caught this morning, by a headline which claimed that a study showed more young people were using libraries. As a writer this seemed like good news until I read on.

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The number of young people in the UK using libraries has increased over the last five years, according to new research.
A comprehensive study by the Carnegie UK Trust looked at the habits of 10,000 people across the country.
People aged 15-24 in England were the most likely age group to use libraries.
But the data didn't show what they were using them for - so it could be for the computers and free internet.

So there I was thinking the kids were getting back into books until that last phrase which causes me to ask what was the purpose of the research. 
Were they trying to gauge age only in use of libraries?
It would seem that the results weren't in connection with reading, although they could have been about research. This is just one of my bugbears regarding research. We are often hit with 'statistics from studies' without having any inkling of what the original quest of the research. Then when you delve into the question it is often the case that it has little or no bearing to what the statistics has been applied. Frustrating.
Of course the fact is students will always require libraries and the young still seem to like books.
On top of that you have research flung at you which is deliberately taken out of context or blown out of all proportion. eg global warming. Did you know that only 50% of the increase in the earth's temperature is down to human actions? No so called expert ever says that.

Remember 'expert' = old drip under pressure

Moving on I also saw a piece today about actors who die during the production of movies. Now that seems to be more of a problem these days than fifty years ago. The explosion of the movie franchise demands a degree of longevity that some actors have been unable to fulfil. Carrie Fisher is the obvious one but they have circumvented her death with the use of previously shot footage. In the case of Oliver Reed and Gladiator they used body doubles and sometimes they either write out a character or just change the actor.

When we write books they are both finite and infinite. They are finite in that once written they will not grow any further but infinite because they will last forever. 

Here is an example.


In this the 5th Steele novel Patrick tackles the person who has been surreptitiously dogging his footsteps over a number of his adventures. This is not without risk and the focus of his love, Naomi Kobayashi, disappears which seriously affects his ability to function as well as he can. We also find out more about the man himself.
The adventure takes him to Eire, France, the USA before he returns to resolve the issue in the UK.
Will Patrick finally rid himself of a deadly enemy?
Can our hero rescue his love or is it already too late?
Another Patrick Steele adventure filled with tension and action as well as the support provided by the team he has developed over the years. 

God Bless