Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Poetry Thursday 261 - Politicking

There was little choice in subject at this time. The world is being very political currently!

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Don’t believe a word
Don’t believe a word they say,
they only want to get their way,
and constituencies will be criss-crossed,
to try and win at any cost.

Did you know how much in debt,
with Labour party the country will get,
if you cast your vote for them,
and choose the scarlet emblem.

Did you know how poor you’ll be,
if you opt for the blue Tory.
A party for aspiring Royal bloods,
measuring happiness in material goods.

Did you know the other choices,
braying messages in minimalist voices,
because of our archaic electoral system,
are useless from a voting determinism.

So when you place the vital cross,
on the proforma with its little box,
you still won’t know the final answer,
even if you voted for the eventual achiever.
©David L Atkinson May 2017

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Our Action
Whatever we decide on June 8th,
it is our actions that will determine,
the future shape of our fate,
and the countries future action.

Do we really know what we want,
what in fact we are voting for?
What is this action almost nonchalant,
and its final meaning – I implore?

The politicians don’t have the answer,
although they pretend to – so bravely,
avoiding the truth like a dancer,
but prattling on quite lamely.

When we’ve decided which box to tick,
our action has set up the pattern,
of behaviours for five years politic,
for which we should have concern.
©David L Atkinson May 2017

God Bless