Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Poetry Thursday 265 - Steps in May

At the moment my mind is filled with politics and although some say it is a boring topic, I find it emotional and not necessarily in a positive way. 
I visit my grandson every week and have watched his progress in learning to walk and never cease to be amazed at the leap from the first tottering steps to running flat out everywhere he goes.

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At first unsure, unrelated progress,
tottering, trotting on to success.
Then capable of pace and varying
the advances, personal preference allowing.
At last set free by learning and experience,
each step chosen with specific consequence.
Assuredly stepping through life without care,
of errors from over-confidence you should beware.
Trips and falls interrupt progression,
as unexpected external factors induce transgression.
Deviation from the expected hoped for route,
cause consternation in collaborator’s who are astute.
Years of use of which most are successful,
undermine confidence and make one doubtful.
Aids may be required to overcome infirmity,
as age robs joints and muscles of mobility.
In the end unsure of the ability to make progress,
you sit in a chair and feel hopeless.
©David L Atkinson May 2017


If you could fly above the street,
and take in the passing scene,
watch from above as people meet,
and view the places they had been.

How would you help and show you care,
to the people passing on their way,
would you listen to what was unfair,
or continue, aloof, above, as you May?

Can you put yourself in others’ shoes?
In what way can you support their path?
How will you dispel their daily blues,
call an election and withstand their wrath.
©David L Atkinson May 2017

Make of them what you will.

God Bless