Monday, 15 May 2017

Tuesday Food Blog - Essential recipes

How things have changed. Homecare and cooking for families in the 1950s was very different than it is today.

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Growing up all those years ago and after the shortages of WWII, rationing didn't end completely for ten years after the war ended, planning the meals for a week was different.

The idea of essential recipes comes from an article on the BBC that I read earlier today. They publish 10 recipes everyone should be able to cook. They include meals such as lamb curry, chicken chow mein, pizza and how to cook a perfect jacket potato. 

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In fact the last item is the only one of the ten that my mum would have considered as an option. In fact our meals at home were simple and repetitive from necessity. It must be said that mum was an accomplished pastry cook sometimes hired by the Freemasons to cook for them. At home things were different.

Sunday - a joint of meat with accompanying vegetables
Monday - cold warmed up. (Previous day's meat served cold with fresh vegetables)
Tuesday - The remains of Sunday's joint with chips gravy and peas.
Wednesday - a fry up (today's all day breakfast)
Thursday - Panacaldy (Lancashire hot pot) and as a treat home made rice pudding.
Friday - Fish and chips (always fish on a Friday)
Saturday - Pie and chips (homemade meat pie)

And then back to Sunday.

It wasn't always thus. Occasionally we would have something different but for the most part that was it. There was a requirement to plan when you had limited income and that was one of mum's great skills.

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There were few fast food outlets apart from fish and chip shops, the Wimpy Bar was the first but as we'd never had them no children I knew whinged to be taken for burgers. So these days it would seem there is greater choice and a reduced need to plan ahead, but falling back on such places, eating out and microwave meals have had an affect on daily lives.

Bring back home economics classes.

God Bless