Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Writing - A change is as good

I have had a short break from writing partly triggered by a scam that triggered me losing some of my words. That is another story!

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I didn't know there was a definition for obsession with words and so I am pleased to be able to define my 'problem'!

Nevertheless we must progress and I started blogging again yesterday because I'm almost fully back to where my writing was before the crash, as it were.

The question is about learning. Have I learned anything new in the couple of weeks respite? I've not tried specifically to increase my knowledge in any particular way but I have done quite a bit of reading of Peter May and a letter from my friend from Alabama, Bert Carson. I've also aged by another year! So I have taken in lots of words.

When we process words we do so on several levels. Initially we decode and then our brains really kick into gear and we conjure up the images from the immediate descriptions. Then comes the clever stuff with the humans.

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Peter May

Peter May describes in depth the environment in the islands off the coast of Scotland. He has a real feel for the weather, the way of life and the twists and turns of life in the area. 

However, on an even deeper level, he decorates the physical scenes with human interactions, their responses to history and the environment. May's understanding of this element is deep and sympathetic. He has an engaging style.

What I have learned is that I need to work on the human interaction element in my writing. That would be okay if I understood the human race a little better, so I keep studying.

God Bless