Friday, 12 May 2017

Writing - Literary giant portrayed

There are a number of biopics been produced over the years, some good, some mediocre and some bad. The last one that I saw and enjoyed was of Mrs P L Travers, Saving Mr Banks. A clever film with the writers history running parallel in retrospect and featuring a wonderful performance by Colin Farrell.

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Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks

The author of Mary Poppins, played by Emma Thompson and Walt Disney, played by Tom Hanks, produced an enthralling story about the relationship between the two people. It took 20 years or more before the two came to an agreement to produce the movie.

So what's next? Well possibly a most challenging picture, as yet unnamed, turning the microscope on part of Roald Dahl's life. As I see it the challenge could be in protecting the perceived reputation of a man who was a God amongst writers. 

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Hugh Bonneville

The lead will be played by Hugh Bonneville.

The currently untitled film will be set in the 1960s and focus on Dahl's marriage to actress Patricia Neal.
"I can't imagine anyone better to give the ambivalent nature of Roald Dahl's life," the film's producer Elliot Jenkins said.
"He was such a man of wounded parts below his polished veneer of self-confidence."
The 1960s were a time when Dahl struggled to write some of his most famous works, such as Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
The same decade saw Neal starring in Hud, a role which saw her win an Oscar for best actress.
The biopic has been described as being in the same vein as the Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson film Saving Mr Banks - the story of Walt Disney trying to persuade PL Travers to let him make a film out of her novel Mary Poppins.
The role of Neal has yet to be cast.
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Roald Dahl 1960s

I hope that this treatment is at least the equal of Saving Mr Banks.

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Thomas and Friends

As an aside Mr Bonneville is to play a part in another literary great, Thomas and Friends. It has been announced he will star in the new Thomas & Friends film Journey Beyond Sodor.
The actor will voice a new engine called Merlin who believes he has the power of invisibility.
He follows in the footsteps of Ringo Starr, Eddie Redmayne, Alec Baldwin and Olivia Colman who have also previously featured in Thomas & Friends.

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