Sunday, 7 May 2017

Writing - More inpirations

So last night I wrote a poem. I do occasionally but thinking about it today the source of inspiration was visual.

Noru, Osaka, Japan

The are many visual cues around us and at various times so I am not thinking of one of the lists that so many consider essential for you to be able to write. I believe more in the power of your mind and ways in which you control the flow of information around us.

We all live in an age where info is coming at us thick and fast but to be creative I think you need periods of calm reflection during which you can consider some of the things we brush up against in our daily lives.

I include the photo I took in a park in Noru, Japan about ten years ago because it shows the deer mixing with the people at a cafe. There is no worry about health and safety or any of the other mind numbing hazards of modern day life, the animals are treated with respect and are happy to be with the humans. That typifies the calmness and respectful way in which humans can behave.

Now a degree of mindfulness and meditation may be necessary for this to occur and unlike the west the business life in Japan can see the benefits of time away from the work front to give the self time to recuperate.

The Japanese believe in the spiritual nature of things and animals as well as deities. This is reflected in the patience with which they go about their business but also then in levels of success that they achieve in all walks of life. 

Image result for sakura

Sakura is the cherry blossom that flashes into being in spring and generates beautiful views and partying in Japan! The people party at the behest of nature. That is inspiring in itself and there are thousands of beautiful sights to be seen but blossom may not inspire you to write. Your imagination may be triggered by much more mundane sights - there are no rules!

Image result for wood panelled rooms

On this occasion it was a house with wood paneled rooms that at the sound of music oozed cockroaches that consumed people found in that room.

The resulting effort will appear on Thursday so until then!

God Bless