Thursday, 25 May 2017

Writing - Our world this morning

The situation in Manchester following the bombing that followed the Ariana Grande concert, is on-going. There are still significant numbers in hospital, there have been alarms in different parts of the city and the critical level of the security situation is continuing.

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As I write the Queen is visiting a hospital in Manchester. She is 91 and has led a sheltered, privileged life but she has also presided over too many of this type of event.

My heart goes out to the families of those who have died for they will truly live a life sentence till the end of their lives. Some of those parents will be quite young and have to adjust and carry on - somehow. Those 125 who have had physical injuries treated in hospital will have lives influenced by this one event. Then there is the remaining 19000+ people who attended the concert and escaped physical hurt, psychologically many people may well have their own nightmares to come.

One act has caused so much continued suffering, give a thought for all involved.

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Emergency services

I haven't mentioned the traumas that the people of the emergency services would have found when they arrived at the Manchester Arena. These wonderful people face horrors in the aftermath of such an incident and thankfully, I don't know how, they cope. God Bless every one of them.


One piece of connected news that broke this morning was the revealing of the fact that an USA intelligence organisation have leaked information shared by Manchester police. In an effort to catch such criminals and break their organisations we share info with the US. It was leaked to the US media. Unbelievable!

As a writer I believe that this blog is necessary to waken the conscience of that nation.

Over the years, working in Yorkshire I have known many followers of Islam. I loved teaching their children and was often a recipient of their innate generosity. Many of the Muslims that I worked with and played cricket with were from Pakistan and as such have had little involvement in any of the terrorist attacks. I would make a plea that the media stop bracketing the criminals according to religion but rather according to nationality. After all many were killed in the troubles in Ireland over the last 600 years and that was by Christian on Christian!

The atrocity perpetrated on Monday night was by and Englishman of Libyan heritage.

God Bless