Thursday, 4 May 2017

Writing - Technophile retires at 96

It has been announced that HRH Prince Philip will retire from official duties in the Autumn.

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Prince Philip

When you retire there are two ways to proceed. Either you sit down and fade away or you become more busy than when you were at work.

One of the facts about the prince is that he was the first one in the palace to have a computer and it was suggested that he may spend some time writing. What amazing stories he will have to tell.

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Of course his royal highness retired five years ago at 90 but never quite managed it! He is not the sort of man that will sit back and be seen with a coronet on his head dribbling in the corner of a room.
I look forward to some of his stories coming out for us all to read. If his writing mirrors his personality the works will be both acerbic and witty.

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Carriage driving

The Duke is an active man and still enjoys carriage driving and reputedly chasing chamber maids round the palace! He has always had an eye for a pretty girl and I witnessed him chatting up a rather tall and striking double bass player in the Opera North Orchestra a few years ago while standing waiting to sing for the Queen's Jubilee.

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Princess Elizabeth and Philip marry 20/11/1947

Of course, they will have been married 70 years in November this year, which in itself is an occasion likely to spawn numerous thanksgiving services etc. I'm sure he will be there God willing.
Philip was born in Corfu  and has British and Greek heritage. He has always been a navy man and is still an admiral. Whatever, he has been a source of support for his wife for longer than many live.

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After 70 years

God Bless them both.