Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Poetry Thursday 266 - PolitiK

The general election is today! May Corbyn win.

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May is gone!

One world, two views, unknown answers,
Balancing the drive for success and what is right and fair.
Do we vote, for one may be a chancer,
or for what we have had – a 7 year dancer?

What about the deteriorating state?
Public services crumbling, corporate entities blooming.
Disabled peoples’ changing fate,
food banks to put children’s meals on plate.

Then there is the lack of security.
Manchester and London devastated by violence and terror.
A culmination of galloping austerity,
leading to public sadness and family misery.

The question in the nation’s hearts.
What responsibility will I have to live with after Thursday?
Have we the courage to make a new start
or stay with what’s known – is that smart?
©David L Atkinson June 2017

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Red and Blue

Labour is red,
Tory is blue,
May is dead,
Corbyn May rule!
©David L Atkinson June 2017

Whoever wins, we all have to live with the consequences.

God Bless