Monday, 12 June 2017

Tuesday Food Blog - Where does food come from?

A survey out today casts doubt on the knowledge our children have on where our food comes from.

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I remember having chats with my own kids as I used to grow my own vegetables and fruit. I remember one comment about potatoes I'd grown,
'I'm not eating that its had muck on it!'

Yes exactly!

In this world where all fruit and veg are regular shapes, scrubbed and packed how are kids expected to know?

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Cheese on trees

Almost a third of UK primary pupils think cheese is made from plants and a quarter think fish fingers come from chicken or pigs, suggests a survey.
Nearly one in 10 secondary pupils thinks tomatoes grow under ground, according to the poll for the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF).
Some 27,500 five-to-16-year-olds were questioned last month.

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Also it would seem that some of our teenagers believe that strawberry jam is one of our 5-a-day!

God Bless