Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Writing - Global hotspots for alien invasion

You can imagine my elation when I spotted this headline about alien invasion. As a writer it had me diving for pen and paper as I began reading.

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Great Britain is in the top 10% of areas for harbouring alien species, according to a study. We actually come 29th out of 540 islands, countries, regions. The UK also has more established aliens than elsewhere in Europe. Scientists say islands and mainland coastal regions are global "hotspots" for aliens. 

The top three global "hotspots" for alien species are the Hawaiian Islands, the North Island of New Zealand and Indonesia's Lesser Sunda Islands.

Among coastal mainland regions, Florida in the US is the top hotspot.

So beware folks there could be aliens targeting various spots on the earth as possible sites of invasion!

Of course alien species are plants or animals that are non-native (or alien) to an ecosystem and whose introduction is likely to cause harm. 

But from the writers point of view it opened up all sorts of synapses in my brain. I could see governments deploying troops in sensitive areas and local people being given money to beef up their own home security. 

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Measures include stepping up biosecurity measures at entry points to detect stowaway species. 
What on earth, or off it, are biosecurity measures?
Then of course what happens if a strange shadow is spotted or an unknown virus attacks the population? The possibilities for stories are almost endless.

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Sleep well, wherever you are.

God Bless