Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Poetry Thursday 269 - Wednesday is rhyming day

Apparently today is National Rhyming Day so here goes.

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Rhyming Day

Wednesday is national rhyming day
an opportunity to change the very way
that words are recorded for others to read,
with the restrictive rule for rhyming need.

It only takes a few moments thought,
or a means to access the words we were taught,
but, under pressure of the task,
blank minds require resources to ask.

The end product is a message that flows,
it may amuse or teach as it goes,
into your mind to entertain,
a great idea you’d have happen again.
©David L Atkinson July 2017

I have been thinking about the late Bradley Lowery (6) who died about 10 days ago and have written a short tribute.

Bradley Lowery (2011 - 2017)

Bradley’s Smile

Bradley lit the world with his smile,
he pulled people to him in droves,
rich and famous went the extra mile,
to bathe in his beaming love.

A little boy of so few years,
stricken by terminal illness,
a simple fact that generates tears,
not spoiling Bradley’s happiness.

The spirit of love and life,
that coursed through his damaged body,
affected the populace, great and good alike,
the universally loved, bright smiling Bradley.
©David L Atkinson July 2017

God Bless