Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Poetry Thursday 270 - Sperm is on the wane

Don't you get fed up with the constant, carping, criticism of those in power who want us all to be different, or better in their eyes? Well here is a poetic prediction.

Image result for old sperm cartoon

Sperm is on the Wane

The air is foul not fit to breathe,
and sperm is on the wane,
cars, taxis, buses and wagons weave
along our narrowest lanes.

So let’s build cars that are petrol free,
and sperm is on the wane,
Arab oil sheikhs wait to see,
if fortunes’ will be the same.

Electric vehicles are the way forward,
and sperm is on the wane,
but finding charging points is awkward,
so back to walking once again.

Washing US chickens in chlorine,
and sperm is on the wane,
a Brexit benefit to make meat clean
as we break the European chain.

Bees are poisoned by insecticide,
and sperm is on the wane,
flowers need their pollinating side,
to maintain our messy food chain.

Greenland darkens and sea levels rise,
but sperm is on the wane,
global warming gives a wetter prize,
are we humans solely to blame?

 Comes the day with no more babies,
because sperm was on the wane,
not because reluctant ladies,
refuse to consummate again.

Obesity and insecticides believed to be at fault,
and put sperm upon the wane,
bringing the human race to a halt,
allowing the Earth to recover again!
©David L Atkinson July 2017