Monday, 24 July 2017

Tuesday Food Blog - The empty plate

This week you're getting nothing!

Lunch is over!

It's the summer. The sun shines and it's too warm to cook let alone eat hot food inevitably then it is the salad season. Now there a couple of ways to 'do' salad. One can by a lettuce, a box of tomatoes, a red, and orange pepper, a bag of potatoes, some beetroot and a carrot. Then by applying various condiments and mayonnaise produce a tasty meal.


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(Other supermarkets are available) Do what I did and buy a pre-packaged set of salads to accompany a quiche and you have a reasonably healthy instant meal for the next 4 days at around £1.50/day. Lazy I know but the range of pre-packed salads is enormous. I could have bought various types of couscous (whatever!), pasta salads or rice based salads. I can even claim a modicum of buying healthy options with my potato salad which was made with creme fraiche as opposed to salad cream!

Many of the products on the salad counter are intended for a lunch, but are quite large and so go further, just check the use by date.

A sweet creation

A make do pudding that borders on the healthy! There are peaches involved! The cake was going a little stale so the juice from the peaches and the ice cream soften a slightly crusty bun!

The reason for the photo is down to the ice cream. I could have paid £1.99 for half a litre of luxury ice cream but instead paid £0.89 for 2 litres of vanilla (Lidl's own brand) which does the job every bit as well as Haagen Daas, Ben an Jerry's etc at a fraction of the price with no less in flavour.

My message - summer doesn't have to be expensive.

God Bless