Friday, 14 July 2017

Writing - Bradley Lowery aged 6, RIP

Today is the funeral of young Bradley Lowery aged six. He died from neuroblastoma which he has battled for the majority of his short life. His infectious smile has won hearts across the country and even beyond.

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Bradley Lowery

There are many children that suffer in similar ways but Bradley became quite famous because of his winning personality. It was that personality that I believed attracted the football star, Jermaine Defoe, to the little lad. They became best friends. 

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Jermaine and Bradley

The love between the two was epitomised for me in the photograph of Jermaine and Bradley with the little lad sleeping on Jermaine's chest. The level of trust from the boy to his best friend is plain to see.

I feel sure that there are similar relationships between the famous and ordinary people. You hear of celebrities and football stars supporting good causes, orphanages and individuals suffering grave illnesses but I can't help feeling that not enough is made of these selfless and supportive acts. Footballers, who have made it in the game and earn millions every year, don't always have the best public profile being seen as selfish and greedy. However, with a little extra effort, the good works that some do, like Jermaine, could be of benefit to their public profile but also to the future superstars. Earning such vast sums at very young ages should carry more responsibility. The footballers of the future should enter the profession knowing that they have a roll in supporting the ordinary fans of the game

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God Bless Bradley