Thursday, 27 July 2017

Writing - Personal transport

Yesterday our pussy-footing government announced that no petrol or diesel vehicles will be made after 2040. That puts us behind France and a long way behind Norway. In fact I've already heard this described as a redundant deadline.

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In other words the decision will be long made irrelevant by the pace of change in the rest of the world. So what will life be like without our carbon based fuel guzzling behemoths?

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Writers will be required to examine our lives in 20 years time and the decisions that get us to wherever that will be in terms of personal transport.

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I, Robot

Of course many cinematic representations of future transport have been produced already a number involving flying vehicles. If you wish to see something akin to the picture above then there are two films that come to mind. 

In I, Robot starring Will Smith, the cars run on the roads but there are subtle differences. They have the option of manual driving or allowing the central computer to take control. If the car crashes it fills with foam which protects the passengers. Method of propulsion is not specified but Brigitte Moynahan comments negatively about riding on Will Smith's petrol driven motorbike.

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Demolition Man (1993) vehicle

In Stallone's film, Demolition Man, the cars were almost definitely electric, there was also manual or computer control and they look similar to those in I, Robot. The bottom line seems to be that writers have been predicting what the technologists have eventually worked towards for years. 

So where to next?

Well there was a flying Delorean in Back to the Future and a soaring Ford Anglia in Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets.

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The cars in Total Recall were somewhat more futuristic but what will we drive in 20 years time?

Will we own our own cars or simply hire them when necessary?

They will undoubtedly be electric but will there be Maglev cars running around our towns and cities?

The choice is up to us.

God Bless