Saturday, 5 August 2017

10 Things we didn't know last week

I haven't checked the list of dubious news items for a while so for a change here we go.

Image result for stroppy puppies

1. Puppies have a stroppy teenage phase around the age of eight months.

You can see it in the face


Image result for airport drinking fountains

2. More than half of the UK's international airports lack free drinking water fountains.

And I am bothered because?


Image result for shrinkflation

3. More than 2,500 grocery products have been subject to so-called "shrinkflation" in the past five years.

And I thought it was my eye sight

Image result for viareggio

4. One fifth of the world's superyachts are made in the Italian coastal town of Viareggio.

Looks great


Image result for viagra

5. The US military spends almost $42m (£32m) a year on the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra.

Stand up and be counted


Image result for recycle compost bin

6. There is a bin which turns kitchen waste into plant food.

Waste not want not


Image result for takeaways

7. More than one quarter of food outlets in England are takeaways.

You can even take beer home in cartons from my local!


Image result for US gun owners

8. Forty per cent of America's gun owners have not received formal firearms training.

Apologies to my American friends but if you put them in everyone's hands there will be disasters.


Image result for doctor who

9. The Time Lord's name is Doctor Who, not the Doctor.

Who cares?


Image result for Twitter dating app

10. There is a dating app just for verified Twitter users.

Love in 140 characters


God Bless