Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Poetry Thursday 271 - Family

I had a visit from my cousin this week. We haven't seen each other for years but have been researching family history which provoked this week's offering. Connections are so important.


Not the strongest in the world,
nor the weakest example,
the family tree like an onion unfurled,
describes that connections are ample.

Saying family is strong doesn’t make it so,
the test is in the bonds that keep
the units bridging all they know,
of the individuals stretching back into sleep.

The invisible glue that binds that tribe,
exists in the genetic make-up,
that has run through eons to describe,
what one researches when looking for back-up.
©David L Atkinson August 2017

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Family at War

The war is long gone – one hundred years,
yet still provokes heart felt tears,
when considering the rends to families,
because a battle induced life’s bogeys.
Letters home presaging own death,
received by relatives with bated breath,
then the predicted final injuries,
but without confirmation of bodies.
When the dogs instigate their wars,
it is without the fear of personal sores,
they know it is the common man,
who will pay the price for their violent plan.
And so those left at home with soaring rent,
and the shortages because war has spent,
what little resources the country had left,
receive the official telegram to say family’s cleft.
©David L Atkinson August 2017

God Bless