Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Poetry Thursday 272 - Strangers

Poetry is an askance way of looking at the world. Sometimes its like looking at a familiar view and squinting which may reveal something that has previously gone unseen.

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If it’s not familiar it is strange.
To others, our ‘strange’ is their familiar.
This subject is of limitless range,
the nature of each example, peculiar.

Strange levers us out of a comfort zone,
that allows us to relax and be confident,
but outside, nerves jangle and cover’s blown,
affecting performance and judgement.

Embrace the differences we observe,
learn from others’ experiences.
Don’t be afraid of the different curve,
and slacken the twist in your britches.
©David L Atkinson August 2017

Then there are the strange behaviours exhibited by Kim Jong Un 

and Donald Trump and it reminded me of the tenseness  between Nikita Kruschev and John F Kennedy in the 1960s.

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Two men of very different cut,
stubbornly pursuing their aim,
amusing watching two goats butt,
when over, who will we blame?

Like Mohammed moving a mountain,
they push and shove each other,
but will one take precipitate action,
and who will be the ones to suffer?

In battles between inflated egos
collateral damage may be legion,
but history tells that’s the way war goes,
this time not mud but an overheated region.

Ordinary people will be the price,
perhaps there’ll be even greater damage,
to this good Earth and all animal life,
if Un and Trump don’t dump baggage.
©David L Atkinson August 2017

God Bless