Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Poetry Thursday 273 - Fragments

Fragments of what? Truths perhaps? We are all a little like Donald Trump, ie. subject to fake news from biased media. Don't believe everything you're told.

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Fragments of Eu

40 years later a stormy ending,
palindromic match to the start, Non!
the French exclaimed repeatedly.

Farmers cringed in fear of the unknown,
at new rules imposed from abroad,
and French striking tractors blocking roads.

Vast lakes and mountains prevailed,
but not of water and rock formations,
much less permanent, infinitely more perishable.

Wine, butter, milk, grain and more,
over-produced and over-priced
free butter for Russian peasants and pensioners.

Frequent attempts to lower our bill,
annual tiffs over complex regulations,
can Wakefield Forced Rhubarb be grown anywhere?

Marketeers pressured to sell in kilos,
took the decision to his death,
another waste of time and money.

Laws imposed controlling our rights,
rules governing when chocolate isn’t,
a watering down of Britishness.

Now we are going, please stay with us,
you’re our friends; you need our trade,
STAY or we’ll bill you billions!
©David L Atkinson August 2017

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Lord I’ve been to church today,
my turn to read your word,
to regulars not on holiday,
I am sure that you’d heard.
Relieved the piece went down well,
Its certain you knew it would,
with clear voice and girded loins,
your message confirmed our views,
how beautiful are the feet of those that carry the good news.
©David L Atkinson August 2017

God Bless