Saturday, 12 August 2017

Writing - 10 things

So after the seriousness of the USA v N Korea situation a bit of less serious news.

Image result for Lancashire's exploding caterpillars

1. Caterpillars in Lancashire are turning into "exploding zombies".

Apparently they climb to the highest point on a plant, die and then explode!


Image result for email

2. Emailing is still the most common internet activity in Britain.



Image result for Cotswold big cat

3. A group of walkers in the Cotswolds claimed they were stalked by a "growling" big cat for more than a mile.

Scary creatures in the countryside.


Image result for binge watching

4. About 10 million Britons may have skipped sleep or made themselves tired the next day because they were binge-watching TV.

I haven't skipped sleep but ...!


Image result for driverless bus Tallinn

5. Driverless buses are now on the streets of the Estonian capital Tallinn - there have been "no major incidents" but a number of near misses.

There will be fewer owned cars over the next 20 years.


Image result for bees understand 0

6. Bees understand the concept of zero.

Clever b....s


Image result for Lisbon shared bikes

7. An electric pedal bike share scheme has begun in the hilly streets of the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

The transport revolution is coming.


Image result for lightweight washing machines

8. A new water-filled container could reduce the weight of washing machines by a third.

Oh great!!!


Image result for anti pollution tunnels on busy roads

9. The UK's busiest roads could be covered with special "tunnels" to absorb pollution and improve air quality.

Like this?


Image result for UK foodbanks

10. Food banks are running out of provisions because hungry children don't have access to free school meals during the summer holidays.



God Bless