Monday, 21 August 2017

Tuesday Food Blog - Things on toast

Whoever came up with the concept of serving different foods on toast should have patented the idea. There are so many possible comfort foods that can be served up on lightly burnt bread.

Image result for toast over an open fire
Toast over an open fire

The above was in my younger days the ultimate comfort food. You took a toasting fork, speared a thick slice of bread and held it over the flames of an open fire. It was then smeared in lightly salted lurpak! What else could you need for comfort?

Well there are all kinds of possibilities.

My early recollection of meals on toast were quite varied and yet plain.

Cheese on toast - literally grated cheese melted on toast with brown sauce.

Beans on toast - All hail Heinz!

Sardines on toast - again nothing fancy.

All those options are tasty but then as an adult I holidayed in France and came across croque messieurs, which is cheese and ham on toast. Variations include croque madam and welsh rarebit.
Image result for spicy beans on toast
Spicy beans on toast

I am not about to produce a written recipe but the application of a little garam masala, onion, garlic and a finely chopped chilli, could spice up quite a number of dishes. The care that needs to be taken is not to make it all too sloppy and as the photo above shows, when in doubt slap a fried egg on top!

God Bless