Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Writing - Adrenalin rush

How on earth does a writer, sitting at a desk tapping away on a keyboard, experience the infamous adrenalin rush? In fact I don't know that I've ever experienced the same. It is in my mind that for some people the 'adrenalin rush' is rather akin to the female orgasm.

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As I have written in my last three or four blogs the answer is in the writers' hands. Well that is true to a degree. Unlike the guys in the picture above, sitting creating sentences in normal circumstances, will not get you excited.

Point of information. Adrenalin is a chemical, an hormone that is secreted in times of stress. Its function is to get the body operating more efficiently, so opens the blood vessels wider, increases the heart and breathing rate, all to realise the maximum use of energy available to the body at that time. In short to fuel flight and fight reactions.

What is it?

We write stuff to excite our readers of course not ourselves but when do we know if it has worked? Well we probably rarely receive that kind of feedback. You could write the most exciting, suspenseful piece and yet never be told that was how it went down.

I took the above photograph a few minutes ago. It seems to be a transparent head rising above a mist of creation. You can make out the dome of the skull and the outline of the ears. 
Is that the reflection of more such heads? 
What powers does he have? 
Why has he come?
Is it a he?

The picture you are seeing does not give many clues and allows your imagination to fill in the gaps and in many ways that is what we endeavour to do when writing suspense. The unknown and lack of information are the generators of excitement.

Enjoy the writing but remember you may not immediately feel the rush.

God Bless