Thursday, 17 August 2017

Writing - The blank page

So here is the blank page aspiring authors.
What will you write?

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There you go aspiring authors - words.

I have checked books by many authors, some of the greats and some unknowns, one thing they have in common is that they have nothing in common. There is no magic formula, as hard as the critics and so called experts (an old drip under pressure) try, not one person has the right formula for success as a writer so don't burden yourself looking for the 'right way'.

What you are looking for is a scene not a sentence. When you write stories, you will do it in your own way and if it works then you will be successful. I write scenes and when I have the scene in mind the words come to describe what I am viewing. Then I write. It may be that as the words are going down I think of a slightly different way of doing things, in which case I will make alterations - editing on the hoof.

I will give you an example.

Several years ago I was travelling in southern Eire. There was a group of us and we were looking for a mountain to walk up. We found the beginning of the path, we saw the lower slopes of the mountain, but the mist and soft, warm Irish rain drove us back to our cars. This experience of Irish weather gave me the beginning of my 5th novel, Inceptus.

Chapter 1

             Having often heard the rain in Ireland variously described as ‘soft’ and ‘warm’ I now had evidence of what was meant by that. Lying in a place of concealment in Eire just south of the border with Northern Ireland I was not cold but felt extremely wet. It was going through my mind that I’d got hold of the wrong end of the stick.
            It was just leaving 06:00 in early October 2016 and while

waiting I had time to reflect on my situation. My name is Patrick A 


And so it goes. There are more details of the position in which our 

hero found himself as the chapter progresses. I like the 

conversational approach which isn't everyone's cup of tea but 

which I believe is human,

The book is available in all formats from Amazon from the link 


God Bless