Thursday, 10 August 2017

Writing - Control

Control is a word that generates so much energy in 'anti' feelings in many walks of life. We here about 'controlling relationships on a personal level. There are questions at government level about who controls the power. Control is an issue in organisations such as public transport. 
Writers are unique in that they have control over their books, not the publishing of those, but the content.

The photograph shows all the self-published work that has flowed from my metaphorical pen over the last eight years. It is not the sum total as there are hundreds of unpublished poems and three part books, two started and left alone and one that is 15k words in process. As I am not in the hands of agents or publishers who demand changes, remove control from the writer, there is no one else to blame for what is written but me. I'm not being big headed but purely factual. The purpose of this blog is to raise the concept of self-control in writers.

Cessation is the odd one out in my portfolio. My way of writing tends to cede control to the characters that I've created but in the case of this book it was the subject that sparked the inspiration for its existence. So although I was in overall control while writing it the framework on which the story is built came from political pressures at play over the power industry in the UK.

Cessation is not a Steele novel, the other ten are. Patrick Steele tends to be the driver for the works although he is not the only major character in the stories. I'm currently writing a story in which he is involved but having to dance to the tune of an unknown person or group. The story is evolving over the days and as the action develops Steele's sense of frustration grows at the fact that he doesn't know who is in control. As I have written Steele that is a serious issue. He is an obsessive compulsive that needs to take control and in this story there is that conflict. I am hoping the book will be available by Christmas so the outcome will be known by then.

From a political point of view control is levelled at all sorts of groups. I would argue that control has only ever been in one group. Those who have the most money have control. The rest of us dance to their fiscal tune. This has been the case since the magna carta which drew the super rich together and legally, for the first time, limited the power of royalty. Eight hundred years later we have a royal family that is virtually titular and a source of tourist income and a parliament run by millionaires who dance to the tune of super rich and powerful corporations. These corporations have done what all dictatorships need to do to seize control of countries. The beginning point is to control the flow of information, ie the media. Secondly, you need control of the armed forces. This second point has been expertly dealt with by the UK government where by withdrawal of funding the armed forces have been rendered impotent.

To change the situation so that the ordinary people of the country have true influence, the first past the post voting system needs to be changed to proportional representation; the holding of second jobs by MPs needs to be banned so that vested interests have no power in Whitehall; and, the importance of the welfare state needs to be the lead driver over the direction in which this country is taking. The manufacturing industries need to be reinstated so that there are products for others round the world to want to buy and so that more people of the UK have gainful employment.

If you gave me control, England would be a kinder and fairer place to live.

Remember I write fiction!!!!!

God Bless