Monday, 14 August 2017

Writing - Creating capuccino

Is there nothing we can't recreate at home?
Technology to this baby boomer has not just accelerated to mega proportions but it allows us to enjoy food and drink usually found in restaurants and cafes at home.

Image result for soda syphon

The above was as sophisticated  as things got when I was born, you could buy reel to reel tape recorders and wireless radios.

These days you're only limited by your own imagination.

My coffee machine

I have had the above machine brought by Santa Claus last Christmas. I struggle to find an adequately satisfying instant coffee and have had machines to grind beans, filter and percolate the drink without a continual good end result. Well the news is better with this machine. Almost nine months later I am still enjoying the outcome.

Image result for black leaded cooking range

The above range was like my mum's and grandmother's in the early 1950s. It was a work of art and engineering to keep it going. There were flues to clean out and the fire to recreate every day which was time consuming and dirty. Nowadays you can buy ovens which can be remotely controlled and are self-cleaning.

Image result for enamelled cooking range

The enamelled version of the range above was in the 'new' council house built in 1953 to which we moved. It wasn't black!!!! In that oven my mother created her cakes, pastries and Sunday lunches including Yorkshire puddings with an oven that only had two settings; on and off. I mention the Yorkshires because to create them the oven has to be hot enough to make the fat smoke which involved building the fire as high as possible. The result was great but the temperature in the kitchen was almost unbearable.

Image result for samsung remote control oven

Finally, the remote control oven that can be accessed from a smartphone.

It's progress!

God Bless