Thursday, 31 August 2017

Writing - Earth plc

It's that craziest of days once again. 12 months have passed and once more millions of pounds will be committed by one club to another for the services of an idol with feet of clay. Transfer deadline day. There is only one difference - the sums of money have grown enormously. £35 million for a mediocre player!!!!

On the other hand in the UK 20 million free meals were given out at food banks in the last year!

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The money spent on football is obscene!

Then of course there is the Earth. At the time of writing there is flooding in the USA, India and Bangladesh. The last flood in the US cost $100 million = one superstar footballer. That doesn't cover the heartache, loss of property and work that must follow.

Then there is fracking. In a world where global warming is a problem which has been exacerbated by the use of fossil fuels and yet our government with its guiding committee are overriding local planning authorities to enable fracking. The gas is a fossil fuel. 

Some of these issues are referred to in Earth plc

A man is found dead in the massive Kielder Forest in Northumberland and the initial reports suggest suicide. A member of Patrick A Steele's team feels that is not the whole story and an investigation ensues that leads the team into conflict with some of the most powerful people in the UK. Steele can mete out his own brand of justice initially but when the power companies and the government become involved Steele has to tread carefully.
This time Patrick has been drawn into a national issue that affects us all - Global warming. Steele comes up against the might of corporate finance with the backing of national government who are keen to maintain the status quo on the subject when in fact there is evidence to support a different view.
The team struggle to maintain their anonymity under intense pressure and the chances of success seem to be increasingly slim.
Has Patrick bitten off more than he can chew?
Is there collateral damage to other aspects of his life?
What is next for Steele and his team?

God Bless