Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Writing - Halifax Piece Hall

When you hear the name you should be forgiven thinking that the hall had something to do with the peace of the nation when in fact 'Piece' refers to pieces of cloth. In fact the Piece Hall was a cloth hall where material was bought to be used in manufacture of clothing and more.

Piece Hall est 1779

The Piece Hall is a Grade I listed building in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. It was built as a cloth hall for handloom weavers to sell the woollen cloth "pieces" they had produced. The hall was opened in 1779 when George III was on the English throne. The weavers were operating what was effectively a cottage industry which was brought together by the building of the cloth hall.

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Yorkshire Rose

August 1st is Yorkshire Day and it is appropriate that one of the iconic buildings in the county is opened once again on this day.

The following photographs were taken on the day and show big crowds of visitors, the West Yorkshire Police Brass Band and the grandeur of the structure itself.

I always feel when I see this view of 'dark satanic mills'. The church spire is outside the hall but the dark hillside behind always seems to be foreboding. The same spire also messes with the scale of the Piece Hall. If you look at the size of the people the true scale is made more clear.

They are not altogether visible but the West Yorkshire Police Brass Band are playing in the far corner of the hall. They are one of many brass bands in the county and performed very well.

This final photograph was taken to show the linear scale of the Piece Hall. Once again using the people as a yardstick shows the sheer size of the Halifax Piece Hall.

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