Friday, 11 August 2017

Writing - No limits

So you are in control and no one can tell you what to write.


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I see a number of twitter followers describing themselves as 'aspiring' authors of a variety of genre. It is a difficult place to be. I know an aspiring writer who I think will be very good once she gets beyond the first chapter. Some 'aspirers' become stuck in this first chapter re-write others never get the first word written and I think it may be because they have no limits.

It is rather like being given a free run of your favourite store with no financial limits. Where do you start? In fact creativity has no limits. That is what you are aspiring to do - to be creative.

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Alan Ayckbourn

Alan Ayckbourn was interviewed yesterday about his latest play The Divide. It's a new departure for him in that it is a science fiction play set in England 100 years from now. It concerns a deadly virus which separates men from women. The really inspiring interview he gave  had him describing that he had chosen this topic in an effort to attract more younger people to the theatre. What I found really interesting was that he had a stroke a few years ago and was worried that he would have lost the creative spark. In fact he said the spark slowed to a trickle but eventually has returned in full flow. Alan Ayckbourn was born in 1939.

The fact is there are no limits. 

I say to the 'aspirers' out there to start. A journey begins with one step and stories begin with the first word, then phrase, then sentence, then paragraph, then chapter; and so on. So please stop aspiring and begin writing.

God Bless