Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Poetry Thursday 277 - No more boys or girls

Having seen a programme advertised with the title, 'No more Boys or Girls' and then hearing that a primary school was giving consideration to six year olds with gender issues, I felt that the following was the required response.

No more boys or girls

When I was young you were either blue or pink,
so easy for onlookers to think,
what a lovely ‘boy’ or ‘girl’,
despite the betrayal by a curl.

Then in the sixties when flower power reigned,
the sex of children had to be explained,
as many were dressed in a riot of colour,
it wasn’t simple determining make of bawler.

Later yet and there’s more confusion,
as being gay was part of population,
colour had nothing to do with sex,
telling the difference even more complex.

Moving on there came transgender.
Re-assignment was another mind-bender.
Then, in order to be politically correct,
no sex at all is what we expect!

So what is the future of the human race?
Is sexual type judged by face?
What means can we then employ,
to determine whether facing girl or boy?

Next time you dare to date,
avoid gender talk with possible mate,
take your chances being sexually neutral,
going to bed with chastity belt - crucial.
©David L Atkinson September 2017

God Bless