Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Poetry Thursday 278 - Not mine

Sometimes you just don't have time to be original, but I do have some previously published relevant stuff.

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A Seaburn Sonnet

I was born and raised within easy reach,
been a while since I set foot on the beach,
but what I noticed first was the strident sound
how loudly the waves
 crashed on pebbled ground.

From atop the crumbling cliff all seemed calm,
up close and personal it could do great harm,
I resolve not to stay away so long,
the sea has a need to give me its song.

The air is better closer to the sea,
ozone is plentiful and all for free,
good for the voice a teacher did assert,
legal performance enhancer - no dirt.

Sweet music and song from water and rocks,
but be warned the sea is as sly as a fox.

And some pics from Great Yarmouth.

Groynes for miles and miles,
swallowing tide after tide
even in winter

When it's out it's there
Hiding behind the sand dunes
still yet powerful.

So a little haiku creative.

God Bless