Monday, 11 September 2017

Tuesday Food Blog - Clouds in my coffee

Nothing like the words from an old song to use as a title, which as usual has little relevance to the subject under discussion today. Having said that I was drinking the coffee when the subject arose.


Call me old-fashioned but as I remember humans can be broadly divided into two groups, male and female. I'm not that narrow minded that I can't see that at times imbalances occur and the sex is not well-defined. This can lead to homosexuality, gender re-assignment and the several steps between, however, I have a serious problem with people trying to label children as young as 6 years old as transgender.

Even writing it down feels wrong. Let me explain why.

Children learn from adult role models. They learn to speak by copying their adult significant others and they carry on learning behaviours from significant others for many years. When they reach puberty, which is appropriate to their sex as a human being, they then have a new beginning when they need to apply their sexuality to their burgeoning lives. If they have appropriate role models they should be well-balanced human animals ready for procreation and to make well-adjusted parents. To me that is the norm of human behaviour.
The children at 6 have no interest in their sexuality except on an observational level, they do not associate their genitals as sexual objects unless there has been repeated imprinting. I would argue that the imprinting of sexuality on a child as young as that is abuse. Their curiosity is simply that and is little different from the curiosity they show in how to build things, write their name, or wonder how a bird flies.

Over the years there has been much written and argued about gender imbalance in places of work, sport and other areas of human life. This is true and unacceptable. Much has been written about girls being pushed towards 'pink' and boys 'blue', neither of which is right but, to the individual, is actually not damaging. The issues around gender are more to do with the external categorisation of people according to sex and the following disadvantaging as a result. Children need the space and time to decide where they fit but they need appropriate role models. If they are male they need male role models, and if female the suitable role model.

In a gentle way children should be given the opportunities to make their own choices. It seems to me that a child who goes to school dressed as a boy on one day but the following day turns up in a dress with a feminine name smacks of inappropriate guidance by the parents for a child of that age. I am not going into the difficulties that the parents are stacking up for that lad in the future but I think we are suffering dreadfully from political correctness and this is an extreme example.

In the same vein there was a programme, a documentary, entitled 'no more boys or girls'! Then there was the school that opened last week with a uniform designed to neutralise the sex of the children. So boys and girls were required to wear shirts, ties, jumpers and trousers with 'sensible' school shoes.

Come on people you cannot deny that human beings are animals like other animals and divided into male and female. That is a simple incontrovertible fact - please stop trying to deny natural sexuality.

Hence the clouds in my coffee. They are representative of the confusion that is being created by the efforts to level the sexual playing field. By all means make it possible for men and women to be equal in the world of work and choices but allow children to grow up in their own sexuality.

God Bless