Saturday, 9 September 2017

Writing - 10 snippets of news

It's good to consider slightly lighter news items on occasions. It keeps one sane don't you know dear old thing!

Image result for sea dragon fossil

1. The fossil of a marine reptile "re-discovered" in a museum is the largest of its kind on record

What else would we discover if we re-researched the myriad of items our museums hold.


Image result for south africas original language

2. South Africa's original language has only three remaining speakers

Let's hope they are speaking to each other. 


Image result for welsh surgery waiting queues

3. Surgery waiting times in Wales are up 400%

Well there's a thing isn't it!


Image result for saturn's rings

4. Information from the Cassini spacecraft hints that Saturn's spectacular rings may be relatively young

Well well!


Image result for birds navigating oceans

5. Smell may play a key role when birds are navigating long distances over the oceans



Image result for overnight trains to scotland

6. A new "hotel" experience is being planned for overnight trains to Scotland

They will still rattle and roll.


Image result for Belarus

7. A fictional country used as part of military exercises in Belarus now has a foreign ministry, flag, history and Wikipedia page

There will be a revolution next!


Image result for elephant grass

8. Elephant grass could significantly reduce the construction industry's impact on the environment

Mud huts with grass roofs next


Image result for immune systems

9. The US has approved the first treatment to redesign a patient's own immune system so that it attacks cancer

But will we then all die from influenza?


Image result for new species of plant

10. Researchers have discovered 381 new species of plants and animals during a two-year study in the Amazon

Not long before the day of the triffids


God Bless