Saturday, 2 September 2017

Writing - 10 unusual news items

Donald Trump often refers to fake news, when you read some of these items you won't be surprised.

Image result for eminem in a kilt

1. Eminem says he's planning on moving to Scotland.

Great! Pleased it isn't England we've enough foreign hangers on.


Image result for gold discs

2. Two golden phonograph records were almost thrown off space probes Voyager 1 and 2 due to a rogue inscription.

Why were they there in the first place?


Image result for lego big ben

3. Big Ben at Legoland is also silencing its chimes.

It takes too long to do jobs in the UK


Image result for taylor swift/right said fred

4. Taylor Swift's latest single contains "an interpolation of a melody" from Right Said Fred's 1991 hit "I'm Too Sexy".

Ok and the point is?


Image result for faces in inanimate objects

5. Monkeys can see faces in inanimate objects.

So can I! I also like bananas.


Image result for babylonian people

6. The Babylonians developed their own form of trigonometry 3,700 years ago and it is "superior" to modern day methods.

Okay so we'll change!


Image result for driverless trucks

7. Driverless lorries are coming to UK roads.

So what's new? When drivers are on their mobiles there is no difference.


Image result for climate change fish

8. Climate change could make fish shrink in size by 30%.

Already started as seen in fish and chip shop portions.


Image result for emmanuel macron

9. French president Emmanuel Macron has racked up a €26,000 (nearly £24,000) make-up bill since May.

Who's a pretty boy then?


Image result for loose change

10. £203,583 in loose change was found on public transport in London over the past year, according to Transport For London.

Must look down the back of the settee.