Thursday, 7 September 2017

Writing - All good things come to an end

As English idioms go the one referred to in the title is really depressing. You can hear it being delivered with a sharp intake of breath and even a shake of the head.
In today's case it is more of a sigh of regret that would be generated.

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Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin, the creator of the Rebus detective stories is hinting at the detectives demise. This is something I have considered for Patrick Steele but he soldiers on - for now.

With the series written almost in real time and the character now in his 60s, Rankin admitted he could not picture himself writing about Rebus "whizzing around" a care home.
However, the Edinburgh novelist has promised another instalment next year.
This year marks Rebus' 30th anniversary.
Mr Rankin said: "I have already slowed the clock a little, so he's not quite as old as he should be.
"Maybe an author can make it work, but I don't think I'm the author to make it work, so he has got a limited life-span.
"I don't know what the end point is for him and me."
While the 57-year-old author said he did not yet have a plot for the next book, he is looking forward to tackling the literary challenges of Rebus' increasing age, health problems, and how to get him on a crime case even though he has officially retired.
His most successful character to date, Rankin explained he had a special bond with the investigator and described him as a personal "punching bag".
"There is an element of self-therapy in everything I write because it's a way of trying to bring order to the chaos," he said.
"My youngest son was born disabled, so for a while I put Rebus' daughter in a wheelchair, as a way of dealing with what I was having to deal with in my real life.
"I just gave my problems to Rebus, he's like a punching bag for me, I can dump all my rubbish on him."

I love the way Rankin writes and handles his characters. Many authors and writers create characters that are an alter ego for themselves or as he says a punching bag. A Jiminy Cricket conscience sitting on your shoulder even when you're not writing which is why sometimes it is difficult to let them go.

If authors were more honest with themselves there is quite a lot of themselves in the people they write on to the page. That isn't to say that they behave like their heroes or heroines but that the personality traits may well be there for all to see. I know with Steele that he embodies many of the things I have wished for in life.

God Bless