Friday, 1 September 2017

Writing - Castled

The term 'castling' is a chess move intended to protect the king from attack. Castling is something that politicians are constantly practising. Take G4S for example. 
G4S is a security company that was an amalgamation of a couple of companies and has a number of politicians with vested interests, not least the prime minister Theresa May who has shares in Prudential which is a major shareholder in G4S. The passage below is from a Channel 4 news programme and sums up the massive vested interests of the government with certain private companies.
'the beleagured security firm G4S, which benefits annually from £600m of contracts from government, has a former government minister, Whitehall advisers and civil servants on its board.
These include, former home secretary and defence secretary John Reid (now Baron Reid of Cardowan), former Met police commissioner Lord Condon (who earns £124,600 as a non-executive director of G4S), former prison governor Tom Wheatley and helpfully for G4S’ energy meter monitoring arm, the former energy regulator Claire Spottiswoode is a non-executive director (earning £56,800).
My book 'Castled' is not directly political but does involve the art of castling.
Patrick Steele is placed in a position unfamiliar to him when his own personal space is burgled. The consequences are extensive at a personal level and to his property. The ghost of a previous operation drives Steele to take measures to retrieve the artefacts stolen from him and to avenge the death of a member of his team. He is handed a possible solution but then there arises a threat to his identity which he must keep hidden at all costs. The question is how high is the price that is paid to remain elusive?
God Bless