Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Writing - Disturbing time for baby boomers

The situation in North Korea and its possible outcomes is a strong reminder of 1963. I was a callow youth of 13 and hearing stories of Kruschev banging his shoe on the desk in the UN, blockades of Russian ships and the CIA making a 'pig's ear' of the Bay of Pigs.
Then there were the instructions of how to avoid radiation sickness in the event of a nuclear attack; stocking up on food, creating a nuclear bunker and films such as 'On The Beach'.

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As a young teenager this was quite scary and yet here we are again. Only in this case it is the man with probably one weapon who could spark disaster for the world. That was a quote from the movie 'The Peacemaker' but when you consider the issue it could take just one to create the greatest disaster this world has ever known.

What is the barrier to this disaster? It isn't the number of bombs any other country has, it is the preparedness of the leaders of said countries to risk firing the first salvo.

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When the ban the bomb movement was in full flow some considered it 'soft' or risky to get rid of such weapons. It doesn't really take intelligence to consider the state of the world after such a nuclear war, it takes imagination.

There were many stories and movies  created in the sixties around the subject and yet people favour military might to peaceful coexistence. This is the education that Kim John Un received when educated in the west and it is the premise upon which Donald Trump bases his responses to the North Korean leader. They are simply wrong.

Children's Peace Memorial Hiroshima, Japan

The protagonists should meet face to face in Hiroshima and see the devastation caused by a relatively primitive atomic bomb. They should examine the case histories of victims and try to empathise with the little girl whose frail body was burnt into the pavement. They don't need to consider the reasons why the bomb was dropped just the affects of one. If they have any shred of humanity they would get rid of those horrific weapons at once.

God Bless