Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Poetry Thursday 280 - The Visit

This week's title is a sample only of some of the visits in which I've been involved in the last seven days.

Big Coat

Travelling north in the car,
prepared for the temperature to chill.
One hundred miles, not so far,
but having the ‘big coat’ fits the bill.

The spiky, tombstone filled cemetery,
exposed to the biting northern gales,
‘big coat’ cold comfort in reality,
reminders of past family tales.

Standing, shivering under observation,
from the ghosts of past times,
stirs the memory and emotion,
tied to the heritage of family pantomimes.
©David L Atkinson October 2017

Autumn beach

The sun beats down without heat,
on the deserted, pristine coast,
herring gulls call as they search to eat,
people hugging selves in their coats.

The sand drifts and waves splash
harmlessly on this day,
poised to attack under wind’s lash,
driving all visitors away.

But for now an idyllic scene,
devoid of human intervention,
a reminder of what will have been,
with summer’s weather more certain.
©David L Atkinson October 2017

God Bless