Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Poetry Thursday 281 - Things that go bump

It is almost Halloween and all that is associated with so the poetry is intended to reflect that and perhaps place it more accurately.

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A time of hauntings, strange things,
of darkness and bat’s wings,
disturbing the ether temporarily,
dealing with the susceptible scarily.
Fearing the unseen.

The creaking floorboards speaking,
in a tongue that sets nerves shrieking,
a time for spirits to send shivers,
through the minds of air breathers.
Fearing the unknown.

A solitary owl pierces the night,
with mournful cry at moonlight,
hunting for satisfying prey,
but that’s not you today.
Fearing the known.

Ghouls, goblins and poltergeists,
may adorn this bleakest of nights,
but in a matter of hours their time will have ran,
and all there will be to fear is every day man.
Fearing the known.
©David L Atkinson October 2017

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Normally, days are mundane, predictable,
they arrive and depart with tedious regularity.
Then come the strange days, unstable,
that lighten moments periodically.
Like stars pulsing light from deep space,
not always visible, never still,
but regular in the stellar race,
with blue Earth’s view to thrill.
Christmas, Easter and Halloween,
jewels brightening the insipid years,
providing purpose in their vibrant scene,
bringing forth laughter and tears.

Then back to the usual routine, banal,
the daily process we call normal.
©David L Atkinson October 2017

God Bless

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