Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Writing - In the beginning was the word

No I'm not producing a blog on religion but on the first book what i wrote!!!!

I had a conversation on Sunday which I have thought about carefully since. A friend was pleased to announce that he'd read my first book. As an insecure author I then proceeded to belittle my efforts and highlight the errors contained therein. Sad I know. However, whether he realised what he was saying or not, he'd obviously taken in the events that occurred within the above's covers and was able to relate the stories path in some detail.

I hate being reviewed but as I said at the time this was the proverbial first bite in the eating of the elephant of writing my first book. I have read first books of other authors and they sometimes are not great. It isn't everyone who's first effort is a masterpiece. 

The faults we discussed on Sunday have long been worked upon and 12 books later I believe that the quality of the language and presentation have evolved greatly. I am currently involved in a re-write of the above but it is a struggle because it was my first, and warts and all, it is what it is. If you wish to witness the development please feel free to purchase my books which are available on most platforms.


Patrick Steele is an accountant with training for various physical skills. He has made himself a self-styled Robin Hood available to right the wrongs of society using his skills as an accountant and a man of violence.

The Gurentai, a sub-group of the Japanese Yakuza, employs him to prevent the incursion of the Mafia into England – specifically the northeast. The Mafia have blackmailed, or so it seems, a member of the local government planning committee to give contracts to a building firm under their control. That is James Thompson, but his wife Janice is hiding a secret!

The Gurentai set Steele up with a Swiss bank account with sufficient remuneration to purchase an empty factory unit and set it up as a training facility and garage for himself. He also is to follow Aikido training to hone his skills in hand-to-hand combat and to adopt the spiritual attitudes of the Gurentai.

The action begins near the Thompson household and at a building site operated by the Italian sponsored building firm. He indulges in some property sabotage and minor wounding of one of the hierarchy of the building firm. This does not have the desired effect however, and in an effort to discover the prime movers heads after the source of the funds, to The Marche, a region on Italy’s east coast.

God Bless