Friday, 20 October 2017

Writing - Use of English

When I was growing up there were people who I went to school with who found English Language GCE (yes I remember that far back) too large a leap to achieve success. There was an alternative - Use of English. I have no information on the content of this course but it was for those just missing the level of attainment to achieve a certificate in the standard exam.

I was reminded of this while listening to government pronouncements on Brexit.

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I have no wish to bore the pants off my readers so a brief set of examples of what I heard.

On EU citizens in the UK

'We want them to be able to stay ... '

Let's just take that one example. The issue is what will happen to these people and of course UK citizens in the EU when the UK finally leaves the EU? 
Will they have to return home?
Will we refuse their families entry to the UK?

Just 2 points up for discussion. I bring the use of English in at this point because the statement made sounds hopeful and optimistic but in fact says nothing. The operative word is 'want' which indicates a desire rather than an intention. So, although the sound bite appears positive it is actually quite meaningless.
George Orwell sums it up pretty well.

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When writing our stories this type of language may well offer us the opportunity to deceive the reader into believing one thing when we really mean something else.

Of course this spills over into all flows of information which I believe is why my father always advised me not to believe a word I heard on the TV and saw in the press. The power of words is legion use them well.

God Bless